The School of Mythopoetics

Weaving community and scholarship on mythology, ritual, and culture.


What is The School of Mythopoetics?

The School brings together cutting-edge conversations & teachers at the forefront of the mythopoetic movement, providing space for inquiry, mentorship and integration as together, we illuminate the dark road ahead.

What is myth·o·po·et·ics?

The practice and lens of using story, poetry, and myth to wrangle meaning for oneself and our collective journey. It’s the reawakening of the mythic imagination in modern times.

In The School, we bring together the tools of mythology, poetry, ritual and nature-connection alongside containers such as Council, Men’s & Women’s Lodges, and more to support your journey and alchemize your gifts.

We live in a time of shadows and we have a choice:

Either we keep ignoring the dark and thus let it arise unconsciously to the surface in the ways we all know and see, or together, go down and meet the shadows, do the integration and healing work, and bring back the treasure of the dark as offerings for the World.

We have created this School and community to invite you to walk this path with us, in community, with amazing teachers, mentors and guidance, as this initiatory journey, we surely cannot do alone.